10 Awesome Things to discover in the Riviera Maya

We’ve got sun, pretty beaches, spectacular cenotes, incredible archaeological ruins and a great variety of attractions, gastronomic experiences, events. You name it! Best of all, some lucky ones like myself can call it “Home Sweet Home”.

The amount of wind down pit stops After some time you decide it’s time for a break. Whether you’re a visitor or local, we know you want to take a deep breath and simply relax! There are several places where to go along the Riviera Maya, it all depends on your tastes, budget and what you’re up to. From paddle boarding in the beautiful lagoon of Bacalar to sipping on your favorite drink at some trendy beach bar at Playa del Carmen. Keep your eyes open for new places to shake up your routine a little bit!

The wonders of being multi cultural Many people from around the world visit us every year and most of them stay here to start making their lives, both nationals and foreigners. So, you cannot miss the chance to visit popular and rustic supermarkets because you’ll find different things from other countries. Food, spices, clothing, jewelry, etc… There’s something from every other culture that you should have, even if it’s just once.

Proper local experiences Now, we’re talking about the real deal here! Food and artisanal handmade products are what we are talking about. Yes, you can find them in the city but, there are always other petite and special places which are known by other locals and it’s great to support them! When visiting places like Cobá, Muyil, etc… It’s a great experience to be part of a Mayan community and learn about their traditions and life.

The joy of off the beaten path spots There a wide variety of places where one can go with friends, family or all by yourself. Away from all the hustle and bustle, you can spend a nice and hot afternoon swimming in the Grand Cenote in Yucatán or having a very delightful Lobster pizza at Mahahual just because! Ask around and venture yourself into some of the most gorgeous and least known places in the Riviera Maya.

Isolation within nature For that time you need to detox from the world, you can find very secluded places within the jungle or near the sea to meditate and take the time to recover your energy. As time has gone by, there are plenty of holistic places where one can take a day for pampering or even a week! Yoga, meditation, massages, everything you need you can find it in all these beautiful places.

A beautiful and contant smile Friendly conversations, new adventures, unique experiences, a deeper connection with yourself… Everything you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in our beautiful piece of paradise. Smile and enjoy the ride!

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