How To Enjoy 24 Hours In Playa Del Carmen

As you may already know, Mexico is a country filled with delicious food, incredible beaches, beautiful cities and the best traditional drinks. You’ll encounter old couples swinging together in a hammock, the hum to which you’ll get used to while walking through a busy street, the smell of tacos flooding your senses on almost every corner. 24 hours won’t be enough to fill your heart and belly, but you’ll love it and maybe come back for more!

Where to Stay? You might want to be close to the trendiest and most delicious establishments. Whether you feel like shopping, having some brunch or going out to have a drink late at night, we know that the 1st Street and the 5th Avenue are the places where you would love to stay close by and the best is that you can find some nice condos without having to endure an All Inclusive experience although you’ll have high quality amenities just like a resort. But remember, the closer to the hype the more the prices will rise!

If you don’t feel like splurging too much, there are a serious of streets where you can find good spots to stay in. Yet, if you’re coming with a big family or big groups of friends, you can always check out the residential areas on the other side of the highway where several houses are for rent and you can have the privacy you’re looking for.

Where to eat? Playa del Carmen is a touristic city, where most people that has come from other countries ends up staying here for good. Therefore, there are several types of cuisine that you can find at every corner, it all depends on what you feel like eating for the day!

For example, we have upscale venues such as Plank, Imprevist, Catch And Harry’s. All of these share a unique and classy atmosphere accompanied by a high quality service like no other. Better start making your reservation now!

Now, If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and wish to try something new. There’s Pho Thai, Curry Om or Falafel Nessya. Thai, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine are what these awesome places are all about, so you better not miss them!

What to see or do? On the area, there are several festivals and markets happening month after month! Like handmade arts & crafts? Jazz music? Edm music? Or perharps you feel like running a marathon for a cause? We have all of these here! Plus, there are lots of beautiful cenotes and beaches nearby that you can visit so it all comes down to choosing with anticipation the kind of activity you or your party feel like doing.

Some of these activities are advertise everywhere and even online, some others are known best by the locals. Don’t be scared to ask someone about the best cenotes to visit, beaches to lay down or secret spots that foreigners hardly ever go around.

As you can see, visiting Playa del Carmen is not an easy task and there’s lots to see, eat and do. So keep coming or stay with us for good!

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