Solo Travel


Stop waiting. Is there something like the ‘right’ moment or person? I know, it can be scary if you’ve never done it before, but even scarier for me is the thought of growing old without experiencing and keeping myself from realizing my dreams.

Just go. Book your flight, pack your bags and get ready for this new adventure. It will give you the keys for ultimate freedom. Since this is about what you want, when you want and where you want, limiting yourself to your own desires and likes.

Trust. As the journey develops the feeling of loneliness might want to creep into you, but don’t think that way. Smile! For there are other travelers just like you exploring themselves and the world, and let’s not forget about the most interesting and loving locals you’ll meet around.

Although solo travel is not for everyone, you should give it a try. Whether it is for the weekend, two weeks or even a couple of months, do it. You’ve got nothing to lose, but lots to gain. Trip after trip you’ll notice the change, a little bit more confident, in tune with what you feel and want and embrace independence.

Because, it could take a long time until that someone says ‘Yes, let’s go!’ and even longer to find the exact moment when to hop on the next flight.

We’ve only got this very moment – Want to stop wondering and see the world? Go! If you need help finding out the best place to stay when visiting Playa del Carmen, you can always get in touch with our Reservations Team and choose any of our condo hotel properties in the heart of the city.

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