Xcaret’s mayan sacred journey…

Ever wondererd about the spiritual journey that Xcaret has preserved and that adventurers live as they participate in this ancient Mayan ritual? Keep on reading!

Everything you need to know about Xcaret's sacred mayan journey

When visiting Xcaret and Cozumel, you may be fortunate enough to witness a ritual takes place along the Riviera Maya. It is an ancient ceremony that people strive to be part of after months of training.

Men and women along Xcaret Eco-Park work together in order to keep alive this ancient ceremony handed down by our ancestors.

The journey initiates in Xcaret and proceeds onwards to the island of Cozumel, where canoers go to receive a very important message from the goddess Ixchel.

As the sun rises, the priests and chiefs of local villages bless all the boats and send off all participants with a special goodbye, consisting of different dances and offerings that will be taken to the Moon Goddess. This is a journey like no other; this is a journey that will make all canoers prove themselves, their strength, loyalty and fraternity with one another during such a difficult moment.

Once they arrive in Cozumel, they will present their tributes and wait for the goddess to reveal her knowledge to them – words that they will share with the rest of the villagers once they return to the bay.

Everything you need to know about Xcaret's sacred mayan journey

This traditional ceremony was brought back to life on 2005 by Xcaret, and will keep being celebrated to preserve the folklore of the Mayan Culture for years. This culture represents the entire Riviera Maya, something we are all very proud of and that draws great amounts of tourist to witness such important moments.

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